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Rito Hlungwani Forwards Clinic

"Onside Performance provides an amazing service for aspiring young rugby players. They not only support me as an athlete but offer myself and others the opportunity to give back to the game and help inspire the next generation of rugby players in Scotland which is why we do what we do." 

Lisa Thomson, Scotland Women & Great Britain 7s

Rito Hlungwani, Onside Clinic

Position Specific Skills





Onside Performance

Player:Coach Ratio

Low Player:Coach Ratio

Specialist Coaches

Guest Coaches

Lisa Thomson, Ross McCann, Shona Campbell - Onside

6 Week Blocks

Appropriate to stage of the season

Specific Focus' 

S&C Input

Onside Rugby Camp

SCOTS Skills






Onside Rugby Academy

Begins Friday 10th May

Every Friday for 6 weeks

5:30pm - 7pm

Millerston Playing Fields

S2 - U18 Players | Male & Female



This unique academy will provide players with the opportunity to focus on position-specific skills that may not be covered in regular team sessions. From kicking and passing to jumping and lifting, each skill will be covered in-depth to develop players’ abilities.

The sessions will be conducted at a moderate intensity, intended to prepare players for their upcoming weekend matches.

As skill development and performance improvement are integral to sports and physical activity, the academy aims to enhance players’ abilities in a supportive and encouraging environment.

To ensure a low player-to-coach ratio and an increased time on task, we have limited the number of available spaces.

Therefore, registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who miss out on this block of coaching will be automatically added to the reserve list for the next academy session.

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