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1-1 and Small Group Sessions

Ideal for male and female players looking for positional-specific training.


We tailor the sessions to the individual.

Ideal for players seeking representative or national age-grade representation. 

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  • 45-minute session

  • Position-Specific Skill Development

  • Video Clips for review purposes

  • Session review and action plan

  • Player check-in, to see how 'homework' is going

1-1 Details


The sessions are tailored to the player, meaning the individual receives maximum input. In Scotland, there often isn't the opportunity to get 1 on 1 time in rugby, this allows players the chance to focus on the intricate details of their position. Our team of experienced coaches including current professional and national age-grade players are involved in all aspects of the session and create a training environment that motivates and inspires the player. 


The individual develops new skills and improves on existing ones. Coaches share their own experiences about what it takes to raise your game to the highest level and equip players with a better understanding of the game and how to continue to progress at home. 



Athlete Centered Learning

Our 1 to 1 sessions are tailored to the player. We communicate with the player and the parent prior to the session to identify what they would like to achieve from the session and what they would like to work on. We then design a session specific to their position, their identified targets and anything extra we feel the player may benefit from.

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