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Onside Performance is a sports organization that was founded in 2020 to provide high-quality rugby camps for children between the ages of 5-16. These camps cater to children of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. Since then, Onside Performance has expanded its services to include the Onside Academy, pro-player skills sessions, 1-2-1 coaching sessions, and rugby consultancy work with clubs and schools to develop tailored community programs.

Onside Performance provides a comprehensive rugby program for boys & and girls of all abilities, aged 5-16. We prioritize engaging participants in a secure, enjoyable setting, where they can acquire, develop, and improve their fundamental individual rugby skills, both technical and tactical alongside their team skills.


Our team, along with the various clubs and schools we partner with, strongly believe that children's holiday camps have an essential role in youth development. At Onside Performance, we leverage the power of sports to motivate, inspire, and educate young individuals. Our primary objective is to create a conducive camp environment that fosters positive growth, enabling kids to express themselves freely while learning and developing.

Our camps are run by a team of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals from diverse sports, educational, and sports science backgrounds. We are committed to providing high-quality camp experiences to young people from all across Scotland. Our player-centered approach ensures that young players are challenged in a fun and secure environment, helping them learn, develop, and achieve both on and off the pitch. We prioritize the development of every player, aiming not only to improve their athletic skills but also to enhance their personal growth.

Ryan Howie, Onside Rugby
Ryan Howie, Onside Performance

Ryan brings with him over a decade of experience in coaching rugby. While he has since joined the fire service, he continues to coach at St Aloysius’ College.

Following completion of an HNC in Sports Coaching at Glasgow Clyde College, Ryan pursued further studies in sports at the University of Stirling. During this time, Ryan regularly coached at Cartha Queen's Park, assisting with their junior teams.


Ryan currently plays in the Premiership with Glasgow Hawks and is currently a World Rugby Educator and obtains the Advanced Coaches qualification.

"As a young rugby player, the highlight of my experience was attending local rugby camps during school holidays. We aim to offer that same sense of fun and enjoyment at Onside Performance, while also providing opportunities for our players to grow as individuals. Our coaching team strives to challenge players and ensure they leave each session having learned something new."

Thomas Davidson, Onside Rugby

"I owe my love for rugby to holiday camps. It opened up many opportunities for me, and I hope that Onside Performance can inspire young rugby players to lifelong involvement in the sport. Our goal is to create a safe environment where young players can learn, have fun, and be pushed beyond their comfort zones."

Thomas has been coaching rugby, since he was, 15. He left school to undertake an apprenticeship with Scottish Rugby, where his passion for coaching was ignited.

Currently, he is the Director of Rugby at St Aloysius' College.

Thomas’ coaching career to date has seen him hold positions in New Zealand as well as with Scottish Rugby Regional and National age grade teams. Currently, he is the assistant coach with Premiership side, Glasgow Hawks, and Glasgow & The West District team.


Thomas is the equivalent of UKCC Level 4 qualified having completed his MSc in Performance Sports Coaching at the University of Stirling

Thomas Davidson, Onside Performance
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